Adobe Captivate VR 360

Captivate 2019, A-Frame VR, JavaScript and 360 Video

Here’s a sample VR Captivate file with the following features; Scalable – this means that the size of the content in the web page scales up and down proportionally to the size of the web browser window JavaScript 360 Video with A-Frame VR incorporated A-Frame VR scenes with JavaScript “talking” to Captivate variables Captivate 10 360 Video …

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Storyboards in eLearning

If or when to storyboard At the beginning of an eLearning project, the storyboarding process can often be overlooked or bypassed completely, especially if other documentation already exists. User guides, PowerPoint decks and training manuals may be considered as substitutes for a storyboard. We might also think “I can’t draw, so there is no point in story-boarding” …

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Click here to launch our Christmas Party game

The Learning & Development Christmas Game

Just in time for Christmas, Learning Plan have released a Learning & Development simulator, built with Adobe Captivate, where you have been tasked with a very special assignment! The StoryIn the game, you play a Learning & Development consultant. You have been tasked with getting a Workplace Behaviours online module launched in time for the employee Christmas party.You …

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Adobe Captivate downloads and training

Adobe Captivate Free Trial Download

Adobe Captivate is an eLearning authoring tool that allows you to create engaging and rich multimedia learning experiences. Learning Plan provide training and resources to help you learn Adobe Captivate. Contact us for more information about any of our Adobe Captivate training courses and we can also customise for your team. Download Adobe Captivate Adobe …

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