Hosting your eLearning content on the World Wide Web

Share your interactive eLearning content with the whole world!

So you want to share your eLearning samples with the whole world, but you don’t have a web site or hosting. You may be creating your portfolio, or you may have to share review files with clients.

This is different to uploading to an LMS. Where an LMS can track user’s interaction with the content, uploading to a web server just presents the content, in the same way, however the user interactions can’t be tracked or recorded.

Utilising AWS (Amazon Web Services) we can store our work online, for very little costs. The thing is, you only pay for the traffic that you generate, and charges are minimal, of course unless you end up getting thousands of visitors a day! At the end of the day it will probably end up costing you a few dollars a month.

This demo will show you how to publish your Captivate file, then upload to AWS.

If you don’t have an Amazon or AWS account

You will need to sign up for AWS first. Watch this video from Amazon to see how to sign up to AWS –

It is not that hard, a stock standard sign up process.

Setting up an online presence

Be sure to check out our other video on setting up a WordPress site, plus we published a post about setting up an online portfolio.

Publishing and uploading your project to AWS

Here is the link to the final AWS URL as shown in the video

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