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ADMA IQ: Strengthening Industry Capability

Learning Plan assist ADMA transform it’s marketing education programme, providing a platform for continuous and collaborative learning that is aligned to the expectations of the industry and its members.






The Challenge

The Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) is Australia’s pre-eminent marketing and advertising trade association with more than 600 corporate members who use data to create successful marketing, media and advertising campaigns.

A key task of ADMA is to provide quality education and thought leadership to members and the industry-at-large. ADMA offers a wide range of professional marketing certificates and the most topical short courses around Australia to support and expand data-driven marketing.

As the peak industry body for the marketing profession ADMA approached Learning Plan with the challenge in front of it:

The growing demand for staff skilled in digital and data driven strategies has resulted in a skills gap. ADMA’s member companies were looking to address this gap through a training investment (in eLearning) in current staff to build the skills base required.

The solution

Learning Plan and ADMA, together with select ADMA member-companies collaborated to define the skills required in the industry at large and together developed a capability framework and assessment solution which could be used to benchmark companies and individuals.  The solution had the capacity to record an individual member or employee’s career from any time that they joined an association and continue to record and benchmark these employees against organisation and industry standards.

Implementing Learning Plan’s Skills Assessment Platform “Insights” known as the ADMA Skills Assessment in the industry, gave ADMA the ability to have an inventory of skills in the industry, a means to redefine key areas of development and training both for member organisations and individuals.

Furthermore, Learning Plan assisted ADMA with designing, developing, testing and supporting an eLearning first approach on specific course offerings. The expanded course offering was driven by the ADMA Skills Assessment platform (mapping gaps to new course offerings) and designed to appeal to specific target audiences and cover the subject matter areas identified within five main advertising and marketing skills areas.

The ADMA IQ Solution (IQ stands for Industry Qualified) is designed to support learning in an individual style that permits learning from experts (cloud based courses), learning independently (cloud based workbooks, self-directed materials), and collaborative learning (cloud based groups and discussion forums). It provides a new resource and partnership from ADMA to strengthen its members’ industry qualifications, while moving performance from a knowing state to truly understanding state via foundational competencies and development.


ADMA IQ has been a transformational education strategy that is more strongly aligned to the expectations of the industry. It has improved and strengthened long-term relationships between the members and ADMA as a whole in a cost-effective way that face-to-face training cannot provide.

The solution has raised ADMA’s
 national profile and positioning within the industry while maintaining a laser-like focus on serving its members. It has led to an increase in membership, increase in enrolments with significant uptake of courses available online and increase conversion rates into other educational offerings.

Key success outcomes for ADMA has been the ability to

  • Enable learning, not just deliver it
  • Position their members with current and relevant knowledge and skill
through high-impact assessment and qualification
  • Make deeper connections through the ADMA network that facilitate an energetic learning culture
  • Utilise the skills platform as an engagement driver
  • Use the skills architecture to differentiate the quality and efficiency of their learning initiatives
  • Leverage technology to promote learning anytime, anywhere

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