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Ensuring Quality through Effective Induction

Downer turns to Learning Plan to transform their Project Management Induction in order to maintain quality assurance over practices and procedures amongst their globally dispersed workforce.

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The Challenge

Downer Group – an engineering and infrastructure management subsidiary company with over 20,000 staff globally – required an induction to project management targeting project practitioners across the company that work on all projects within Downer’s diverse industry.  The objective was to ensure all projects were managed in a consistent manner, reducing risk and minimising impact on project profit margin.

In addition, the project staff needed training flexibility when moving between projects, so the induction program needed to address a no-project specific understanding of policies and procedures. Further challenges involved creating an accessible solution for all staff given the geographical distribution, and remoteness of many Downer projects together with the blue collar nature of Downer staff and varying levels of Language, Literacy and Numeracy considered considerations.

The solution

Learning Plan partnered with Downer to create a comprehensive blended learning program using a variety of delivery methods.

The elearning featured numerous formats to address learning styles and the diverse workforce in Downer. The solution provided a resource database where key documents are available both as support materials when completing the module as well as reference documents on the job.

The information in the solution is highly structured and practical to appeal to the largely engineering/infrastructure based audience.  With such a large workforce from various cultural backgrounds, language and learning styles, the program made use of training methods and multimedia elements to engage the diverse learners that exist at Downer.

 Taking a learner centric approach, the programme was designed to speak directly to employees contextual relevance, covering:

“What I need to know” The learning design offers learners what they need to know in terms of information, resources, processes and tools, but also, why they need to know it.

“How I will use it” By creating a context and imperative around the content, it provided learners with an ideal practice environment in which they can apply their learning.

“I have confirmed my understanding” Learners were able to confirm their understanding through the application activities as well as the self-assessment at the end.

“I was engaged to the learning” Our approach to the learning design as well as the use of visual media, audio and interactivity ensured engagement took place on a number of levels.

“My learning is recognised” On completion, recognition was given to demonstrate knowledge acquisition.


The program achieved a high completion rate and has led to increased management confidence in the project forecasts, timelines and risk assessment provided contributing to a significant improvement in efficiency and productivity.

As well as increasing the consistency in project management approach and timely risk management, the solution has also supported Downer’s ability to move project staff between projects.

Staff can now bring a common understanding of policies and procedures with them from project to project. This avoids duplication of work given the geographical distribution of many Downer projects.

Key Business Outcomes:

– Increase in workforce agility through consistent approach to process and procedures

– Risk reduction through more accurate and confident risk assessments

– Improved project profit margins by more effective categorisation of projects

– Increased client satisfaction from better service to customers

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