Adobe & Forrester Thought Leadership Paper on Mobile Learning in 2017 & Beyond

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Have you considered how digital disruption affects the tools, content, and delivery methods that make up your learning strategy?
The expectations of today’s corporate learners have changed and traditional training approaches are becoming less relevant in the current fast-paced, corporate environment.

Analyst firm Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Adobe, has collated a Thought Leadership Paper evaluating the key challenges, drivers, and trends that businesses currently face in corporate learning, featuring insights from over 160 L&D leaders.

Their research explores the rapidly evolving mLearning landscape and shares the current trends shaping the world of Mobile Learning.

Did you know that 72% of information workers surveyed by Forrester in 2016 use smartphones for work, and 43% use tablets?

Some other topics discussed in this paper include:

  • how mobile impacts millennials in the workforce
  • microlearning
  • the challenges in the development of responsive mobile content

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