Becoming an eLearning Specialist

This page is available as a PDF download by clicking on the following link Becoming-an-eLearning-SpecialistDownload The path to becoming a fully-fledged eLearning Specialist can take place over many years. Most of what we learn happens on the job, through the experiences of actually “doing the work”. Every project is different and requires a different approach …

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Case Study – Sydney Catholic Schools

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]NSW is currently the only state in Australia where language studies are not mandatory in primary schools. Recognising that this could change, Sydney Catholic Schools took this challenge to heart and asked “What features of learning environments best enable children to grow and adapt?” Teaching 11 and 12 year olds a foreign language comes with …

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Adobe Captivate training – Online Delivery

We’re excited to announce that we’re launching an online facilitated 4 week Adobe Captivate course. This course is exactly the same as our classroom course, with the benefit of being conducted live online. Instead of 2 days in the classroom, we will deliver the course over 5 weeks consisting of 90 minute live facilitated online sessions …

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Hosting your eLearning content on the World Wide Web

Share your interactive eLearning content with the whole world! So you want to share your eLearning samples with the whole world, but you don’t have a web site or hosting. You may be creating your portfolio, or you may have to share review files with clients. This is different to uploading to an LMS. Where …

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Captivate 2019, A-Frame VR, JavaScript and 360 Video

Here’s a sample VR Captivate file with the following features; Scalable – this means that the size of the content in the web page scales up and down proportionally to the size of the web browser window JavaScript 360 Video with A-Frame VR incorporated A-Frame VR scenes with JavaScript “talking” to Captivate variables Captivate 10 …

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Storyboards in eLearning

If or when to storyboard At the beginning of an eLearning project, the storyboarding process can often be overlooked or bypassed completely, especially if other documentation already exists. User guides, PowerPoint decks and training manuals may be considered as substitutes for a storyboard. We might also think “I can’t draw, so there is no point in story-boarding” …

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