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Captivate Branch Aware, Return to Quiz and JavaScript

This blog post contains all the information you need to create an Adobe Captivate file with Branching (and quiz questions using Branch Aware with Return to quiz). We have also included a JavaScript feature which allows you to set up a random navigation path for your users.

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Branching in Captivate

Branching in Captivate is when more than one path can be presented for a user to navigate. The most common reason for this is when we want our users to select a department they work in or a job role. Creating a branching project allows us to then present the information that is relevant to the user. We can also incorporate a common branch where all users experience the same branch as the information may be relevant to everyone regardless of their job role.

Branch Aware

Branch Aware is a feature in Adobe Captivate and is related to branching. This feature needs to be enabled if we have incorporated quiz questions within the branches.

Return to Quiz

This feature allows us to navigate users back to information if they get a quiz question wrong. The user can review the information and then attempt the question again. This is an ideal approach to reinforced learning.


Below is the JavaScript that is used in the project that was built in the video walkthrough.

function randomFromTo(from, to){

       return Math.floor(Math.random() * (to - from + 1) + from);


    var objCP = document.Captivate;

    var randomSlide = randomFromTo(2, 4);

    function onButtonClick(){

        objCP.cpEISetValue('cpCmndGotoSlide', randomSlide);




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