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We’re excited to announce that we’re launching an online facilitated 4 week Adobe Captivate course.

This course is exactly the same as our classroom course, with the benefit of being conducted live online.

Instead of 2 days in the classroom, we will deliver the course over 5 weeks consisting of 90 minute live facilitated online sessions being conducted twice a week.

These sessions are delivered using Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect is suited to online classroom environments allowing live discussion and screen sharing.

We will send you the same manual as used in the classroom course, and have life-time access to our online self-paced course that we are creating. This is a work-in-progress and contains the same information as delivered in the facilitated course.

Our introductory price point is $900 per person, with discounts available for groups of 3 or more.

The same inclusions and topics of our classroom course will apply.

We envisage the live online course will be delivered quite regularly so there would be opportunities to join other sessions if the timing doesn’t quite suit on any specific days.

You can register your interest here.

  • Including with this are the equivalent of two full days of training, typically delivered online as 1.5-hour sessions over a number of days/weeks. We take a project-based approach to the training so all participants understand how to use the tool, rather than just learning how each button works. This also means we can start developing a customised template and work towards developing part of a customised module during training, along with showing you examples of other Captivate projects.
  • The course will be facilitated by John Stericker, an Adobe-certified Captivate Expert, and he has pre-recorded an overview of the course and an introduction of himself below.
  • Prior to commencement John normally speaks with participants or a manager like yourself to understand the current skills within the group and the desired outcomes, so that he can tailor his delivery accordingly
  • We provide a 150+ page reference guide (PDF) to each participant which contains all of the information that is to be taught and provide a full year of email support post the course. We often also record short supporting videos to assist teams such as yours at no additional cost.
  • We have also made a number of prior webinar recordings and guides on Captivate available here
  • Participants only require a trial version of Adobe Captivate to participate in the training and this can be downloaded from here
  • We can also assist you with purchasing licenses, including team licenses (shared with up to 4 people), when you need to do this.
  • We would be happy to speak with you if you have any further questions.

Visit our Adobe Captivate Training page here

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