To drive performance and solve complex business problems, learning needs to be well-designed, engaging and impactful. It’s essential that the right combination of strategy, design and technology is used to create learning that works.


Our approach to implementing successful learning campaigns involves:

  • Utilising tools and technology to harness expertise that exists in the organisation
  • Combining both formal and on the job informal learning to achieve your business goals
  • Imparting key information and enable staff to self-explore knowledge
  • Appealing to a variety of learning preferences and a diverse learning population
  • Encouraging and recognising staff for sharing their learning
  • Minimising disruption and productivity losses without losing the effectiveness of learning


When developing eLearning courses our approach is simple and practical. Whether its induction and onboarding, compliance, technical or systems training, sales and product knowledge or soft skills, courses need to be learner focused, intuitive, practical and exploratory to create engaging adult learning experiences.

Our team can develop courses using a range of authoring tools and technologies that most appropriately suit your needs. We are also Adobe Captivate specialists and certified experts.

Job Aids

Going beyond the formal training or eLearning course is essential to ensure your staff implement the required behavior change on the job where it matter most.
Our approach to creating learning materials and on-the-job resources involves understanding the context your staff uses the learning for and ensures that the information is in an ideal format to suit their needs.

Whether it is to keep your sales force armed with the latest information and product features or allow technicians in the field to quickly refresh a skill needed to resolve a particular issue efficiently.

Systems & Portals

Underpinning all effective organisational learning is the right technology mix. Our systems allow you to identify the skills and behaviours that need to be developed to meet critical business needs, deliver engaging, relevant and accessible learning experiences, and measure and monitor the success of any learning activities.

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