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To drive performance and solve complex business problems, learning needs to be well-designed, engaging and impactful. It’s essential that the right combination of strategy, design and technology is used to create learning that works.

A blended learning program puts the learner at the centre of design and combines more than one form of learning to deliver outstanding business outcomes. Working closely with our clients, we have had great success in designing and implementing cost-effective blended learning solutions that have been championed by the learners themselves, changing the attitude towards learning from “something I have to do” to “something I want to do”.

Effective elearning requires more than just transferring content into templates. We work hand in hand with you to design effective elearning that is geared towards achieving your desired business outcomes. After understanding and defining your successful end outcome, our experts then identify the most suitable tools and instructional design strategy to create a unique, interactive, and most importantly relevant experience that deeply entrenches the learning in your workplace.

Mobile Learning or mLearning is designed for today’s on-the-move workforce and is delivered on tablets, phones and other devices. It is uniquely suited to just-in-time, just-in-place bite-sized learning that enhances learner’s performance.

Whether providing tools, extending existing learning, or connecting individuals, Learning Plan can help your organisation use Mobile Learning to support the performance of an increasingly mobile, global and technology savvy workforce.

Ready to create learning that works?

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