iDesignX Presentation – Video Design Skills

Summary of key points

  • Use (engaging) subject matter experts
  • It’s ok to read from a script if we are able to draw the attention away from the presenter
  • Video can be super imposed in different environments (see previous point)
  • Prepare and share talking points before hand
  • Have an interviewer asking questions to prompt the conversation (can be edited out)
  • Use Fades for transitions between scenes or topics (eg. Dip to White / Black)
  • If walking around an office (orientation example) speed up the footage and add a soundtrack
  • Consider humour if situation allows
  • Shoot with two or more cameras if possible
  • Without 2 cameras, maybe record the same scene from different angles
  • Consider vignette (subtle tint around outside of outside of video)
  • Use green screen
  • Edit out the “ums”, “ahs”, “so”, “you know”,
  • Think outside the box – different styles (silent film, 80s VHS style)
  • Position presenter in front of a light blank wall and film them to the side, so there is space to incorporate key points later
  • Lighting – Natural light behind camera is best
  • Record audio closer to the subjects and match in editing – use a simple clap of hands to sync starting point
  • Get inspiration from other video content
  • Token placement of hand on mouse (think Current Affair)
  • Use timecode when reviewing.
    • When editing with timecodes start at the end!!
  • Video checklist template can be found here

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