Learning Plan Wins TEN 2017 LearnX Awards

Learning Plan together with its clients have been recognised at the 2017 LearnX Impact Awards amassing an incredible 10 Awards. The record haul consists of three Platinum, three Gold and four Silver Awards achieved across four categories; ‘Best Learning Design’, ‘Best Learning & Capability Project’, ‘Best Technology Solution Deployment’ and ‘Best Learning Services’.

The awards highlight some of the more innovative and creative approaches Learning Plan and its clients are taking in the use of technology to create learning that works. These include the following Platinum award winning projects:

Best Learning Design – 360 Degree Video

This award focused on a 360 degree video design project that bridged the gap between online and face-to-face training that transformed video footage into an immersive visual learning experience. Learning Plan worked closely with Samsung to create an immersive and engaging 360 video scenario that helped sales staff to experience for themselves and gain an understanding of what the Gear VR, Galaxy S7 and Gear 360 camera could achieve when teamed together. This enthused staff to more effectively engage with customers and demonstrate the product functionality as part of the sales experience.

Best Technology Solution Deployment – Best Talent Management Solution

This award focused on an innovative approach to Talent Management featuring an integrated enterprise software deployed to improve processes and systems for developing people with the required skills and capability to meet current and future enterprise needs. Learning Plan’s deployment of the Skills Assessment Platform “Insights” for the Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) has given ADMA the ability to have an inventory of skills in the industry, a means to redefine key areas of development and training both for organisations and individuals. The “Insights” Skills Assessment Platform makes it easy to identify existing knowledge and skills within organisations and create pathways that build staff capability and competency using any capability or skills framework.

Best Learning & Capability Project – eLearning Adopter

The focus of this award is on an existing traditional training project that has been totally redesigned for online delivery. Working with Downer EDI – an engineering and infrastructure management subsidiary company with over 20,000 staff globally – Learning Plan transformed the Project Management Induction to maintain quality assurance over practices and procedures amongst their globally dispersed workforce. Using a combination of best practice online learning approaches the new Project Management Induction ensures consistent delivery within the geographical challenges that face Downer and achieved positive company and business outcomes across the entire spectrum of capability development.

Full list of awards

The full list of Learning Plan’s awards by category feature:

Best Learning Design category:

– 360 Video (Platinum)

– Shift-it-online (Gold)

– Game Design (Silver)

Best Learning & Capability Project category:

– eLearning Adopter (Platinum)

– Workplace Health and Safety Project (Gold)

– eLearning Widespread Adoption(Gold)

– Capability and Talent Project (Silver)

– Future of Learning Project (Silver)

Best Technology Solution Deployment category:

– Talent Management Solution (Platinum)

Best Learning Services category:

– eLearning Development Company (Silver)

David Myers, Director of Learning Plan, says the ten awards are testament to the great relationship with clients and talented team that are always wanting to push the boundaries:

We are delighted that the work we’ve been doing across a wide range of clients have been recognised with so many awards. Winning 10 LearnX awards this year, more than double that of any other company, and having won more than 34 local and international awards in the past 5 years is a remarkable achievement and a validation of our mission in creating Learning that Works.

If you would like to hear more about some of these award-winning projects or if you want to discuss an upcoming project please contact us.

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