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Case Study

Samsung Plus: Retail Sales Training Transformed

Learning Plan transforms Samsung Australia’s time consuming, manually operated training to innovative mLearning for over 7,000 retail sales staff.

One of the largest consumer electronics companies in the country, Samsung Australia had grown frustrated at manually managing training for sales staff at 22 partner companies across more than 1300 retail locations such as Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, JB Hi-Fi, Big W and Bing Lee amongst others.

Samsung Australia wanted to deepen its relationship with its channel partners, and provide the sales staff selling Samsung products across multiple retail stores with extensive product knowledge, an online community with which they could engage and the ability to adequately promote Samsung products while interacting with potential Samsung customers.

The challenge was to come up with an innovative learning platform and training strategy that engaged all sales staff across multiple retail stores throughout Australia. Furthermore, all learners had no formal attachment to Samsung.

The key objectives Samsung wanted to achieve were:

  • Increased product awareness amongst retails staff
  • Ability to identify key features and provide benefits to consumers
  • Having confidence in selling Samsung devices
  • Establishing clear ways of qualifying consumers and identifying /demonstrating the features and benefits of Samsung devices to the right customers.
  • Increasing loyalty with the Samsung brand

The solution

The solution had to be inviting and interactive so sales staff from all different retailers would want to engage. Learning Plan designed and implemented Spectrum – our online sales training platform branded to staff as “Samsung Plus”. We considered core LMS workflows which would manage enrolments, registrations, completions, scores and certifications but the platform extended well beyond this.

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