Click here to launch our Christmas Party game

The Learning & Development Christmas Game

Just in time for Christmas, Learning Plan have released a Learning & Development simulator, built with Adobe Captivate, where you have been tasked with a very special assignment!

Click here to launch our Christmas Party game
Click here to launch our Christmas Party game

The Story
In the game, you play a Learning & Development consultant. You have been tasked with getting a Workplace Behaviours online module launched in time for the employee Christmas party.
You are presented with options along the way depending on how you decide you want to get the module developed.
From there, you must choose the right options to ensure you get the module released in time. You also need to maintain employee engagement.
At the end of the game, your success is measured by getting to the Christmas party with all employees engaged.

If you don’t succeed, you may get called into the boss’s office!

The Gameplay
The game is a text-based adventure, closer to a visual novel than an actual game.
You don’t get to actually do the development or project management, however, the decision points are somewhat reflective of the typical decisions you would need to make if you were actually in this type of situation in real life.

We’ve also tried to have some fun along the way!

If you’d like to see the Post-it-notes storyboard of this game you can view a photo half way down this page about storyboards.

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